Conveyor of moving car bodies at a height of 2 meters

The main purpose of this line was to accelerate the cycle time for this part of the line. Before the modernization, the body had to be lifted with garage lifts at every station, which gave not so good precision and was time consuming. After modernization, the body was lifted only once at the first station and transported through our conveyor where the body was put down to its own skid.


Our project consisted of a scissor lift at the first station and at the last station and an automatic conveyor for the 6 stations. The stop positions were controlled by our automatic encoder-based positioning system. Good body positioning was mandatory for 8 robots to apply sealing to underbody within the precision requirements. Teaching and touching up of 8 Fanuc robots was included the scope of work of this project.

The time schedule for this project was very compact, and required us to make big changes in the working line and switch to the new system without the possibility to step back to the previous system.

nis-005-xs.jpg          nis-006-xs.jpg

The control panel had to control all the hardware and be user-friendly and at the same time provide security for the personal and be mistake-proof.