Carriers for EMS ( Carriers or Hangers for Electric monorail system )


hanger EMS carrier

For automotive Companies We have developed overhead carriers to transport car bodies by Electric monorail system.

The carrier consists of the following parts:

  • drive and passive carriages,
  • top frame,
  • pantograph,
  • bottom frame,
  • carrier clasping arms with pads.
  • The carriers can be moved in manual or automatic mode.


    • load capacity up to 2000 kg
    • lifting stroke : 4400 mm
    • weight : 2 851 kg
    • Design includes a possibility to accommodate different models of vehicles.

      Safety system includes a system of protection against break of belts and safety brake.

      Within this project:
      The carrier in a manual mode transports vehicle car body from station to station and if necessary, changes height of the car body. After execution of all operations and unloading of the car body, the carrier in automatic mode moves to the area of loading a new car body.