Pipe branch tee

Pipe branch tee section

Robotic cell for welding Pipe branch tee

The use of robots for this kind of applications is not only convenient, but is a must. Saddle-shaped welds constantly keep changing the path and orientation for the welding torch, making it impossible for a standard 3 axis manipulator solving such tasks.

Our welding head together with the robotic system allow to reach and weld such gaps with variable profile.
At the moment we are working on the realization of this project.

experimental platform for carring out studies on welding seam

In preparation for this project, we have constructed an experimental platform where we carried out studies on welding such gaps and got positive results. To teach the robot, we have developed a special program that allows to define the trajectory of the passes and the gap's parameters within ten minutes’ time. Based on this data, the system provides the optimum welding parameters which, if desired, can be adjusted. Next, the robot performs the welding in automatic mode.

examples of saddle-shaped welds

examples of saddle-shaped welds

Know how.
ASG Robotics is a pioneer in these kind of welding. We have developed the unique technology able to weld these variable profile gaps, the equipment welds the metal in such way so the metal reaches the desired level uniformly at the last layer.

The advantages of welding such joints with this technology are evident: more joint strength, higher quality and lower costs at a higher productivity rate.